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CCFR is recruiting for new volunteer firefighters.

Accepting applications year round.  Call 907-586-5322 for more information.

Mission Statement

"We serve and protect our community from life and property threatening emergencies in a competent, professional manner."

Capital City Fire Rescue is a department in the city that is totally customer service based. The fire department receives some common questions all the time about what we do or why we do certain things. The days of old of hanging around the fire house waiting for a fire are long gone. Your fire department is extremely busy with training, emergency responses, emergency planning, equipment preparation, community service and responding to public requests. If you have questions about our services or want to learn more stop by your local station or call the department headquarters.


Ask the Fire Chief

Why does a fire engine go to ambulance calls?

Fire engines and ambulances respond as a team. Complex medical incidents require several medics. As we move patients it reduces the risk of injury to the medic’s backs and to the patients. CCFR also receives several medical incidents at the same time and an ambulance may not be immediately available. Fire engines carry most of the same equipment that is available on an ambulance and are at times the first medical response.

What is the difference between a fire engine and ladder truck?

“Fire engines” carry hoses, water and are tasked with supplying water to put the fire out. “Fire Trucks” carry ladders and tools to ventilate buildings, conduct searches and rescues. They also have the large 75 foot or 100 foot ladders mounted to them.

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